IPX 403(b) / 457

Multiple Providers | One Platform

A New Market, A New Way

A new 403(b) market has arrived, one with diminished access due to changes advocated by single provider proponents. To counter the challenges of this new 403(b) market comes a new way of doing business.

That new way: Investment Provider Xchange (IPX)TM, our proprietary 403(b) and 457(b) platform that offers:

  • All the benefits of a multiple provider approach with the simplicity of a single provider.
  • Transaction processing of contributions, distributions, and participant loans even when there are multiple investment providers.
  • Aggregated participant data accessed via a single, robust web portal.
  • Mutual funds and annuity products all on one platform.

FPS Services combines the rich technology platform for fund trading, recordkeeping and online account access delivered by IPX with custom plan design and consulting offered by TSA or your choice of third-party administrator. In combination with custodial services by FPS Group, IPX provides a single-source end-to-end solution for providers in the 403(b) and 457(b) plan market.

IPX—Expect efficiency.

  • Retain current distribution network.
  • Keep and acquire active payroll slots.
  • Take advantage of a broader IO ability in the 403(b)/457 market.
  • Lower your recordkeeping operational costs and liabilities.
  • Let IPX handle transaction processing.
  • Reduce Advisor and Participant account-related calls.
  • Maintain recognition as an approved investment provider.
  • Approve the authorized distributors of your investment products.
  • Use IPX reports to monitor assets & activity.

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