About Us

Responsive. Flexible. Innovative.

Our Story

FPS Group serves the retirement planning industry by developing products and services designed to offer clients innovative and efficient ways to streamline processes, cut costs and improve their bottom line.

We specialize in Paying Agent Services and Automatic IRA Rollover Services, and we offer the following: custody and safekeeping, recordkeeping, tax reporting, income collection, investment of cash balances and other non-fiduciary activities.

We offer innovative technology solutions to problems our clients don’t have the time or expertise to solve. And when a solution doesn’t exist, we build one. As a result, our clients are given the tools they need to be more efficient, and they, in turn, can offer their clients improved functionality and responsiveness.

The word “unique” gets used a lot as a stand-in for “special” or “extraordinary.” But its true meaning is “one of a kind.” That’s what FPS is—one-of-a-kind—and we offer unique, one-of-a-kind solutions to our clients’ problems. We offer solutions that didn’t exist before our clients asked for them. 

We use our depth of experience and technological expertise to relieve our clients of the pressure points that cost them money, time and aggravation.

We Specialize in Creating Successful Outcomes

  • "Can-Do" Attitude

    FPS Group is a creative, forward-thinking, nimble company. We have a “we can do that” attitude that we apply to virtually everything we do, from internal processes to finding new ways to meet clients’ needs. Our team is made up of experts in their respective fields. You won’t find anyone who knows more than we do about what we do. 
  • Listening and Engaging

    We are good listeners, open to new ideas and engaged in the collaborative process. And that means our clients can count on us to offer customized service rather than a generic, “one size fits all” response to their needs.
  • Collaborating With You

    We are truly collaborative in the ways we work within our own team and with our clients. We don’t ascribe to a top-down style of management. Instead, we believe each member of our team—and we really are a team—has something unique to offer. Our clients benefit because our creativity and collaboration allows us to focus on finding answers, offering solutions, building the best service possible.
  • Partner and Solutions Provider

    FPS Group will be your colleague, your partner, your back-office solutions team. We don’t think of ourselves as merely a vendor, and we will do what it takes to ensure you don’t think of us that way either. When we meet with clients, we don’t arrive at the table with solutions in hand—solutions that might not fit. We come prepared to listen, to learn, to understand—and then craft the specific solution to a specific problem.