HSA Administration

Invest in a healthy future

Health Savings Administrators LogoFPS Trust has partnered with Richmond, Virginia-based HealthSavings Administrators to offer investment health savings accounts (HSAs). Through the partnership, FPS provides custodial services, and HealthSavings provides recordkeeping and administrative services. Together, we offer an effective, complete HSA solution for employers and individuals.

How HSAs help companies and individuals take control of healthcare expenses

To have an HSA, you must have a qualified high deductible health plan (HDHP). HDHPs help lower annual healthcare premiums for both employers and individuals, while encouraging participants to be good consumers of their healthcare dollars.

HSAs provide tax savings. Employers save up to 10% on payroll taxes, and individuals reduce their taxable income when they contribute to their HSAs. Plus, HSAs offer the triple tax savings of (1) tax-free contributions, (2) tax-free growth and (3) tax-free withdrawals for qualified healthcare expenses. Similar to 401(k)s, 403(b)s and other retirement plans, individuals can make pre-tax contributions and invest some or all of those contributions for tax-free growth over time.

HSA funds rollover from year-to-year — there’s no “use it or lose it.” Individuals may use the funds for qualified expenses now, reimburse themselves later and/or save and invest for the future. Not only that, the HSA stays with the individual even if they change jobs or retire.

HSA funds can be used for individuals, as well as their spouses and dependents.

About HealthSavings

HealthSavings is ranked in the top 1% of HSA companies nationwide and has been nationally recognized as one of the best values in HSAs. In fact, they’ve been noted in Forbes, Money magazine, the Wall Street Journal, Kiplinger’s and Reuters as well as various online publications, including 20 Something Finance, Investment News, Market Watch and others.

Their clients span all 50 states, and they work with a variety of employer groups, brokers, financial advisors and individual investors. Customers value HealthSavings’ first dollar investment options, as well as the tools, resources, knowledge and support they provide to help with planning for current and future healthcare costs.

The HealthSavings advantage

  • Unlike many competitors, HealthSavings offers first dollar investment options from day one. There’s no minimum balance or waiting required.
  • HealthSavings provides the freedom to choose from investment options in high quality, low cost mutual funds, a checking account with debit card or both for one simple annual fee.

Get started today

FPS provides custodial services for HealthSavings and is proud to partner with them to offer HSAs for individuals and employer groups featuring Vanguard® and Dimensional funds. Individuals may enroll online at, and employers may begin the group set up process at Questions? Contact HealthSavings.