Auto IRA Rollover Services

Cost-Efficient, Fully Automated

The FPS Trust streamlined approach

We understand what it costs employers to keep track of former plan participants and the IRAs they leave behind.  With FPS Trust as your partner in managing IRA rollover services, you will save time and paper.  And a good deal of money.  Our IRA rollover service is designed to address the needs of TPAs, recordkeepers, advisory firms and plan sponsors. The FPS Trust automated system will:

  • Facilitate batch processing of distributions
  • Automate documentation process using e-signature for Plan Sponsors and participants
  • Support paperless transaction processing
  • Maintain regular rollover processing cycles: annually, semi-annually, quarterly or a frequency of your choice 
  • Administer plan enrollment and contract processes using electronic signature to maintain a paperless environment 
  • Deposit the funds in a stable asset fund under a group annuity contract issued by a licensed insurance company protected by a state guarantee association or in another acceptable investment option under the Safe Harbor requirements.

Proactive Search for Participants

FPS Trust uses an integrated technology solution that proactively searches thousands of databases to locate participants upon account opening. Additionally, FPS Trust will continue the search for the participant on a periodic basis if the account remains unclaimed.

We Specialize in Creating Successful Outcomes

  • How the FPS Trust solution benefits you:

    • Cuts administrative costs
    • Meets EGTRRA compliance requirements for plan documents that do not allow specified balances to remain in the plan
    • Easy e-signature option for the Plan Sponsor agreement
    • Simple, automated batch load of rollover participant information to FPS 
    • No fees to the plan sponsor
  • How the FPS Trust solution benefits your participants:

    • FPS Trust searches for updated participant information against 10,000 vendor resources and more than 33 billion records that represent 400 million individuals
    • FPS Trust sends a welcome letter with an account opening notification 
    • A fully automated e-signature process for rollovers or distributions
    • Competitive low-cost solution
    • No account-opening fee 
    • Access to the Stable Asset fund account as the default investment vehicle (current rate is 1.35%)
    • Opportunity to rollover funds into an alternative investment vehicle