Our Value

FPS builds technology tools and services

for clients working in the trust and custody, and retirement plan industries. We specialize in…

  • 403(b) and 457 Recordkeeping services
  • Health Savings Account services
  • IRA Accounts for Traditional and Roth IRAs
  • Paying Agent services for mid-market financial services companies
  • Safe Harbor Auto-Rollover IRA Services for Retirement Plans

Our scalable solutions streamline processes and reduce costs while promoting growth. We help our clients successfully implement our solutions through back office support, advanced technology, participant education, and comprehensive resources.

Our service offerings include:

Custody and safekeeping


Tax reporting

Distribution processing & paying agent services

Income collection

Other non-fiduciary activities

In other words, we solve client problems using FPS-developed technologies.


Tech-smart, people-centered

For some companies, technology is the start and finish of the story.

For FPS, that’s not the case. We offer customized solutions rather than one-size-fits-all. In fact, many of our solutions didn’t exist before our clients asked for them.

That’s an important distinction. Here are a few more:

Our can-do attitude

We’re creative, nimble and forward-thinking. Our experts – and they really are experts in their fields – believe they can solve virtually any problem.

Our listening skills

We won’t arrive with pre-determined answers. We’ll ask questions, then dig in so we find the right answers. We like new ideas and the collaboration that generates them.

Our belief in partnerships

We don’t want to be a vendor, we seek partnerships. And we do the work needed so clients see us that way.

We have a pretty simple mission statement: 

“We deliver an uncompromising commitment to integrity.”

That informs everything we do. Every tool, every solution, every conversation, every phone call.