IPX Recordkeeping Technology


if there were a way to easily manage retirement accounts in one system that efficiently supports multiple investment programs and their financial advisors.

Investment Provider XChange (IPX) is a modernized recordkeeping and trust and custody platform that delivers administration services across all retirement account types.

Our innovative technology brings together all the service components in a singular integrated platform so you can improve client education and planning, access investment options, and work with designated financial advisors, all while streamlining operations with audited compliance.

Customized Investment Programs

The centerpiece of IPX is the Open Architecture Plus system – an open investment trading platform that allows access to brand name mutual funds, annuities, and professional investment strategists.

Online Access on Any Device

Sharing the common objectives of providing an excellent user experience to clients and their service providers, IPX provides a spectrum of online portals which enable access to centralized processing and constructive collaboration from all parties.

Data Security & Process Integrity

We apply high standards in protecting the confidentiality of our clients’ information. For system security, we utilize the latest encryption and firewall protections that are constantly monitored.

FPS maintains three levels of auditing controls:

  1. Our internal auditing staff monitors all activities on an ongoing basis
  2. We conduct annual SOC I Level II audits to ensure our policies and procedures effectiveness, and
  3. Safety and Soundness State audit of the FPS Trust financial status and operations.
Connecting providers and savers across all retirement plan types.
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