Our Team

Experienced Collaborators

James Olson, Managing Director

Mr. Olson has more than 20 years in the financial services industry, and possesses a range of experience specializing in the marketing and product development arenas.

Olson was a Principal and Founder of Aspire Financial Services, and contributed to the growth of the company into a nationally recognized leader in the retirement plan industry, with more than $10 billion of recordkeeping assets, approximately 250,000 participants.

Prior to ASPire, Olson worked with Decimal, Inc., as Senior Vice President of Strategic Development and mPower as VP of Product Development. Previously, Olson began his career with Charles Schwab as a Senior Marketing Manager, focusing on developing retirement products for the small business market with over $30 billion in assets through these products.

Scott Pearson, President and CEO

Mr. Pearson has dedicated more than 30 years of his career to the financial services industry. He excels in long-term planning, creating business efficiencies and managing strategic initiatives. He began his career in broker operations at Piper Jaffray before moving to Universal Pensions, Inc. (now Ascensus), where he served as Vice President of Operations and was responsible for significant growth in the company’s retirement plan services. As Vice President of Matrix Settlement and Clearance and then President of its affiliate, MG Trust Company, Mr. Pearson increased revenue by focusing on infrastructure and product development. He currently serves on the Board of Colorado Associations of Trust Companies and is the Chairman and a co-founder of Denver Golfer’s Against Cancer, a charity dedicated to cancer research. As President/CEO, he is responsible for product development, strategic relationships, financials and operational oversight.

Jamie DeRubertis, Managing Director

Mr. DeRubertis has lead business development, relationship management, sales and marketing teams throughout his 30 plus years in the financial services industry. Prior to joining FPS Group in 2017, Mr. DeRubertis directed the formation of the company while working as a Managing Director with Bluff Point Associates, which owns FPS. Prior to joining Bluff Point, Mr. DeRubertis was head of sales at Matrix Settlement & Clearance Services where he played a significant role in that Bluff Point Company’s growth from 2000 until it was sold to Broadridge Financial in 2011. Prior to joining Matrix, Mr. DeRubertis was Vice President of Mutual Fund Services at the Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (“DTCC”). At DTCC, Mr. DeRubertis was director of bank marketing focused on growing the use of DTCC’s automated mutual fund services. Mr. DeRubertis served on the American Bankers Association’s Mutual Fund Processing Committee and as a member of the Investment Company Institute’s Bank/Trust Advisory Committee.


Who We Are

  • Problem Solvers

    We have a “we can do that” attitude to problem-solving and solution-building.
  • Experts

    We are experts in our field. We offer a team of professionals who focus on offering unique solutions, personalized customer service and the flexibility meet clients’ needs through customization.
  • Collaborators

    We bring creativity and collaboration to every product we build and every service we offer.
  • Process Improvers

  • We offer products that will improve processes, reduce costs and, by enhancing the value of our clients’ services, increase their revenue.