FPS Group:

We are an innovator and provider of technology and service solutions that solve problems for the trust and custody, and retirement plan industries.

Our focus runs deeper than simply delivering tech tools. Our solutions will cut costs, streamline processes, boost the bottom line and meet the challenges facing of our clients.

In highly regulated industries with scores of details to track, our technology will ensure efficiency and accuracy.

FPS Group:

Designed to be the best in the industry.


Our clients need more than great technology. They hire us—and stay with us—because we we deliver measurable results. We don’t rest with a successful system or project implementation. We monitor the industry and ongoing client operations and enhance our offerings to continue to meet our clients’ the evolving needs. Commitment and integrity are FPS Group cornerstone values.

Integrity goes hand in hand with trust, respect, responsiveness, and honest communication.


We solve your problems—today’s and tomorrow’s—with creativity and integrity.